It’s Time for a Scrolling Detox

Trade Scrolling for Following. Not any kind of following, it`s following with a PURPOSE and actually applying what you’ve learned into concrete real life tangible projects.

Step 1: First find your purpose

Step 2: Follow the leaders with an s

  • Richard Branson: I read all his books, blogs and watch his interviews for entrepreneurial skills
  • Gary Vee: I religiously watch his video blogs to get pumped on getting shit done. It’s a straight up put in the time, work your butt off and you will eventually make it.
  • Casey Neistat: He’s the person to go to when i’m in search of originality, uniqueness, creativity. He’s fun to watch and very inspiring
  • Seth Godin: This person’s a big thinker and he’s the person I go to really think differently and questions myself and what I do.
  • Aubrey Marcus: For when i’m felling down and need to boost the mind with positive thoughts. He’s not very well known to general public but he’s got a very soothing and calmness to how to approach each day. He’s actually the one who inspired me to win each day.
  • Grant Cardone: This guy is loud and honestly I don’t really care much for his personality but he’s really good at one thing. Real Estate Investing. Further he interviews a variety of very successful entrepreneur that I learned a lot from and made me start to dig even more on how to win every day.
  • Lance Armstrong : Hold on before you start bashing my favourite cheating dark horse. We all know the Lance Armstrong saga but the reason I follow lance is more for his very unique talent to interview athletes on his podcast.
  • Joe Rogan: Need I say more, He’s the king of no bullshit interviews. Rogan has all the communication skills to get what we came looking for straight from the horses mouth.




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