Being #1 On Google doesn’t mean “Best in Class”

###This blog is in reference to google ads and not google organic listings

The addictive world wide web has pushed us to instinctively google everything we need. If we had a dollar for every time someone said “ah just google it” we’d all be rich.

But being #1 on the world famous first page of Google doesn’t mean it’s world class.

All it takes is someone that’s willing to constantly throw money at the most popular ad words in their field.

Here’s the catch: to make something so expensive profitable, many service providers are strategically “dumbing down” the service offering in exchange for the extra $$$ spent acquiring his or her client.

If all we read are best sellers, if all we listen to are the greatest hits, if all we consume is all mainstream aka popular — we’re most definitely missing out.

Personally, I’ve been on this earth long enough to know that the books, songs, restaurants and things I love and consume the most, almost none of them were a #1 Best Seller, or #1 on Billboard Charts or #1 on Google ads. You see the things that changed the way I live my life or the lessons that have transformed my entrepreneurial life have never been on top of anything. It’s what gave it it’s very own uniqueness

Top of Google doesn’t necessarily mean <best> and <quality>. It merely means <top of mind>.

As I pause and reflect on my craft, one common thread stands out: <best in class> craft work was produced when I (we our team) curated and created an offering where <best in class> and <quality> was #1 and <top of mind> and <mainstream> was way down the page.

As one of my Australian mentors always said. “Simon, what is your product” with his “put another shrimp on the barby” accent kinda way

There’s no more important question to answer than, “what sort of best in class and quality are we seeking here?”

Trust that you won’t find any of my product on the 1st page of Google ads anytime soon

Simon Storm Frigon

Third Generation Design Rebuild Craftsman | CEO @ cdrg+RedTeam | Rebuilding Environments by Design #Rebuild4Life

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“The craftsman who is focused on the end product rather than the bottom line, is bound to succeed.” SsF




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Simon Storm

Simon Storm

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